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Thursday, October 23, 2014

One month!!!

Two weeks ago, you turned one month old! I figured I should finally get to this post before I'm needing to complete the 2 month one. What a sweet month it was-maybe a little sleepless, but sweet for sure.

I guess I should put a disclaimer on these stats. When the nurse gave me the piece of paper and it said you were 22 inches and in the 75th percentile, I was a little surprised. I mean, I know that I shouldn't compare kids but Teagan has never been on the charts for height, so I was kind of expecting the same. And at your weight check at one week, you were already off the charts. I even asked the doctor about it when she came in and she seemed somewhat surprised and made a little note of it. {I know people, 75th percentile is not something to be concerned about. And I wasn't...just surprised. Okay, maybe there was a momentary panic that he wasn't growing properly.} I just really didn't believe it-and I felt like the new nurse was a little nervous, so I did what any sane {not} parent would do and I laid out wax paper on the floor and measured you just like they do in the doctor's office. I measured 3+ times and never got anything shorter than 23 inches-so I'm going with it. And now just a piece of my crazy has been disclosed.

You are a snuggler. Often your longest naps are in the Ergo. I absolutely love the snuggles, and even though I'm exhausted in the wee hours of the night, when I lift you to my chest to burp you and you melt against me, I wish I could freeze time. It is so hard to put you down in the crib in those quiet, sweet moments that I know won't last forever.
At only one month, your life pretty much consists of eating and sleeping...oh and pooping. So we'll take a look at what those first two have been like this month.

You eat about every 3 hours. In the very beginning, it was hard to stretch you for that long at times but once we started our routine at 3 weeks, you have been great about it. For the first several weeks, you were up every 3 hours {at least-we had some other nights that were pretty rough. Like every 20 minute nights when we went to the lake with Mammy and Pappy} in the middle of the night. Some time after 3 weeks, you merged some of your night time feedings together and moved to only being up twice in the middle of the night around 2am and 6am...I am not ready to start my day that early, so we're going to count that as middle of the night. You are a LOUD eater. My sister informed me that I could forget about ever feeding you in public without everyone around knowing it. And now that I think about it, you are just LOUD. I remember the first night in the hospital when you got really upset and your dad and I looked at each other and said that we had never heard a cry that loud. I'm pretty sure your dad even plugged his ears at one point. Loud eater, loud crier, and let's be honest...loud pooper too.

While you are so stinkin' sweet & cute that we can hardly stand it, you are also lazy. I considered trying to find a nicer word for this {You know, the way teachers tell parents that their child is determined instead of stubborn or has a hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality when they lie}, but I'm just going to keep it real here. You are a lazy little boy. You will act as if you do not know where your next meal is going to come from, and then 4 minutes into eating you are passssssed out. Some feedings I spend more time trying to get you to eat than you do actually eating. And you have a strong distaste for wake time after eating. You like to be allowed a 5-10 minute cat nap before you'll give me any wake time. Some times are you are much more alert and wake time is easier, but that isn't the norm and it also probably didn't start until after you turned a month old.
Most of the events from your first month can be found in "Our first four weeks together" post. Here are a few more that I found on the "real" camera.
A visit from Cait and Miss Evie
Your first real bath! Your cord fell off at 10 days old, and we gave you your first real bath the next night. And in my giant tub because we were afraid that you'd wake your sister if we did it in the one that y'all share.

...about 2 weeks later, we decided we had to merge bath times with your sister. Because doing 2 bedtime routines back-to-back was getting exhausting. Teagan thinks it is so fun to have you in there with her and she loves to help out. And you've been able to get back at her for the times she has stepped on you, etc by peeing on her. 

 Your Nana, aunts, and cousins came for a visit!
Cayden loved getting to hold you...and at one point, because you were being so peaceful in his arms, he looked up at me and said, "Aunt Dre, I think he likes me better than you." 
 Anyone who knows us or reads this blog, knows how crazy we are over the people in these next pictures. Mrs. Stacey, ZZ, and Nanny came for a visit too!
2 weeks old! 
Caroline and Kristen stayed for a few days and we realized as they were leaving that we never got a group picture. So, here we are- without make up and some without clothes.
...this probably more accurately depicts our time together though. Craziness. 
I'm not sure if this was our first play date with Ryan, but there have been many. We try to get together once a week so "Aunt" Hea and I can enjoy a little mama time together and you two boys can play...well more like continue to do what you normally do. But one day these will turn more into play dates than mama dates.

And here are the first of your monthly pictures...

Reynolds, while much might be true about you being a "second child," {You have been kicked, stepped on, and sneezed on. You have taken a pacie from the floor or your sister's 2 year old hands-sometimes both. Your naps have been anything but quiet. People have held you without washing their hands...gasp!! And let's not forget, you've had your "teeth" brushed too...all either accidentally or with the best of intentions of course.} there is nothing secondary about the way that you are loved. If anything, you just have one more person to love on you in this house of ours. And she's helping to give you what your Aunt Kristen calls, "second child super powers." You are one loved little guy. Now that you're here, we can't imagine life any differently.

We love you to the moon and back little man. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Festival

Two weeks ago, we headed to Lake Oconee with Patrick's parents. They are looking to possibly buy a place at Reynolds Plantation and the idea was for us to go, look at some houses, and let them get the feel if it was a place they would want to move. Since the weather was too cold to make renting a boat much fun, I looked up to see if there were any pumpkin patches nearby. And much to our luck, they had their annual pumpkin festival going on that weekend.

We had the best time. There was a hay ride, petting zoo, face painting, corn maze, jump houses, and lots of games. Teagan really got into it this year which made it all the more fun.

What it looks like when one kid doesn't want to cooperate. 
My little farmer dude. 
Teagan immediately went running for the pumpkins and tried to pick up the very first one that she saw. She was so excited to see so many pumpkins and had so much fun walking through the rows of them. 
I asked if she could take off her {silly looking} sunglasses and this is her telling me, "No mommy, see! Sun...bright!" 
 Hay Ride! 
The hay ride ended at the petting zoo where Teagan got to feed a baby goat and then pet the two day old horse...or donkey...or mule. They told us but we were too far behind to my expert {not!} opinion, I'm thinking mule. 
umm little out of focus there camera man.  
Teagan was so excited about the face painting. She had already planned that she was going to get a pink flower and that Patrick would get a purple butterfly. Somehow Patrick ended up not getting his face did we let that happen?!? :) 

Teagan's {and I'm not sure} first corn maze! 
Enjoying the prize for completing the cornmaze--free popcorn! 
If there is one thing that I've passed on to Teagan, it is her inability to make a quick decision. Sorry, sweet girl. If given a choice between two things she will just continue to stare back and forth between the two, then finally choose the back to her first choice. I can't exactly get upset with her because she gets it honestly, but ohhh man it can certainly add on some time to whatever we are trying to get done. Give her hundreds of pumpkins and it can take forever. We were finally able to convince her that she had picked the perfect one! And she was so excited! 
And the end to a perfect Fall day...